Robby Dob Productions, Inc.

Washington, DC - A talented still Photographer

I am the CEO\Owner Robby Dob Productions Inc. and an award-winning photographer based in Washington, D.C. Always looking to push the limits of traditional portraiture, I’ve used my lens to shoot for editorial outlets like DMV Unplugged as well as a host of corporate clients including PCMA and DCGOV. As a member of The Carriage House Studio I arrange and carry out assignments for fashion and beauty clients, weddings, live events, and public advocacy campaigns. Since launching my career, it’s been my privilege to work alongside the likes of Chuck Fazio, Jules Clifford, Stan Squirewell, Paco Alacid, Paulo Fransisco, Rodney Choice, and Steve Bennett. Always looking to push the limits of traditional portraiture, I’ve traveled across the United States, Panama, Jamaica and West Africa. I aspire to capture authentic moments that defy traditional artistic limits and allow me to shine a bright light on the human spirit. Through photography, I explore new ways to express concepts of identity and constantly draw inspiration from others. 

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Thank you for allowing me a glimpse into your lives and help to capture those special memories. I am grateful for every opportunity you all have given me


We offer services for Special Event Photography for Annual Conventions & Tradeshows - (Receptions, Galas, General Sessions), Weddings, Parties, Families, Headshots, Fashion, Beauty and Promotional photography for Models, Actors, Musician and Dance

I’m not one of those photographers that "spray and pray”, where one shoots many photos of subject, and prays that one of them is a keeper. Everything that I shoot will be process before you get them.

My service RATES are significantly below what other photographers of my expertise charge. "Why?" you might ask.  I love what I do, I do it a lot, so I’m cool with making a greater range of affordable service.

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